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Kalamandalam Geethanandan passed away - Heartfelt Condolences

Noted ottam thullal artiste and film actor Kalamandalam Geethanandan died Sunday.
​ ​The popular artiste collapsed during a performance at the Avittathur temple near Irinjalakuda. 

Vendeurs d’Enclumes the Maximalist rocks !

Vendeurs d’Enclumes Rock Concert at Nishagandhi

As part of Bonjour India, Festival of France in India, Alliance Française de Trivandrum in association with the Embassy of France in India presented a rock show , by Vendeurs d’Enclumes at Nishagandhi on 17 February 2013. It was an unprecedented experience for the audience who witnessed this show, as the Indian audience were seldom exposed to live shows in which singers actively emoted according to each song in a very dynamic manner.  From the very start the band connected well with the audience despite the linguistic barriers. As a disclaimer during the addressing note, the lead vocalist Valérian Renault stated there won't be non-musical interaction between the songs as they are not well versed in English, but that didn't seem to be so as his explanation before each song really connected with the audience.

Show with a difference

The show took off in a classic manner with the song 'Fevrier' and that set the mood for the evening. All the members of the band contributed towards making it a real visual treat too. The Sax performers Cyrille Boudesocque & David Severstre really excelled with their histrionics which went hand in hand with their musical pieces. Percussionist Matthieu Henault was at his best and outstanding during the portions which he managed in a single handed manner. Bass guitarist Nicolas Le Moullec & Lead guitrarist Sébastien Rideau ensured that they all were part of providing a perfect blend of French music here in God's own country. 

The USP of the show was the choreography for the songs the band had in store. For every song whether it had the undertone of agony,  joy or romance, the visual depiction by the singer & the musicians was outstanding. Nevertheless to say the audience were enthralled to see such splendid performance on stage in India as Indian artists seldom prefer this style. Another unique experience for the audience was the number of sad songs which were performed. As said by the artists during the show, French style is to listen to songs in times of agony. The songs with sad undertone too glued all to their seats.  The medley of great French compositions which were recreated in a terrific fashion was a real surprise. 
Vendeurs d’Enclumes Rock Concert at Nishagandhi

About the band

The French sextet originated from the centre France (Orleans) has been developing an indigent universe for the last past 8 years. From classical music influences to jazzy vibrations, the band takes on the energy of true rock to deliver energetic (French-spoken) songs and live experiences. Torrents of notes emerging from saxophones, guitars, drums and bass lines flood around Valerian Renault's voice and words. Then poetry confronts and battles : rhymes with silliness, life and accidently... love.We discover French texts written with finesse and raw, with commitment, excess and cheerful. A spontaneous musical progression with subtle alternations, the freshness of the orchestrations, and musical texts rise and respond to a song called maximalist, a musical version, free and inspired.
Vendeurs d’Enclumes Rock Concert at Nishagandhi

Excerpts from the band's chat with the Thiraseela team during the post-show party.

The band is having a high time in India with shows lined up for a few days. They are to perform at Delhi on 21st  and then off to Kathmandu. They are excited about performing with an Indian band at Delhi. The applause by the Indian audience during the rendering was really a surprise for the team though they take it on a positive note. They felt elated on experiencing a better connect between the audience despite language barriers and have got appreciation from the music lovers in India about their style of presentation.  Keeping their fingers crossed, they except to collaborate with any Indian bands too in future for prolonged concerts. Currently they tend to improvise on the presentation styles of their own compositions.  

Vendeurs d’Enclumes Rock Concert at Nishagandhi

Article By | Jeeth Yesudas
Photos by | Mathew Sebastain 
Week-day drama by KSNA

From April, the Sangeeta Nataka Akademi plans to usher in a change of scene for theatre in Kerala by introducing the concept of ‘week-day drama’.

“Every week, we will invite directors to stage a play in Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Thrissur, Kozhikode and Kannur. A play that has been staged in a district will travel to the other four districts. So theatre buffs will get to watch 48 plays in a year. It will be ticketed at a nominal rate of Rs. 10 for each person and the entire proceeds will go to the theatrepersons staging the play,” says Soorya Krishnamoorthy, Chairman of the Sangeetha Nataka Akademi.

In addition, the troupe will get Rs. One lakh as a subsidy. Only those plays that have qualified in the competitions conducted by the Akademi in different categories such as professional drama, short drama, amateur and ‘Pravasi’ amateur dramas will be selected for the performances. “As of now, only plays in Malayalam will be considered. But there is no reason why we should not include other languages too after gauging the response of viewers and theatre artistes,” says Krishnamoorthy.

Although the initial plan was to hold it on weekends, that was dropped as it was feared that audiences might be thin on account of the mega shows and films on television. “So ‘weekend drama’ had to be changed to ‘week-day drama’. But discussions are still on. The plays will begin in April. In Thiruvananthapuram, the plays are likely to staged at the Museum Auditorium,” adds Krishnamoorthy.

Reference | The Hindu