Sri Ambikeshwara Kuchipudi Dance and Music Academy

Since 90 years in Visakhapatnam, the four generations of his family members have been dedicating themselves to this Indian Classical Field and in the year 1982, at his native place Visakhapatnam, Guru P. V. Bharani Shenkar founded the institution named Sri Ambikeshwara Kuchipudi Dance and Music Academy and it was registered in 1992 under the Public Charitable Trust. This Academy gives training in the academic system, so that its students can appear for Government's Certificate, Diploma and University's Post-Graduation Entrance Examinations in Dance. We are proud to say that our students have achieved success in the above said courses. With perseverance he brought Institution at top position and is the only Institution in Vizag city to consist the valuable library for his trained disciples.

Training Particulars:

With 50 years of dedicated experience in the field of Classical Dance, teaching thousands of students from all over the world, Guru Bharani Shenkar categorised the Foundation Course into 'Three Levels' of 'Fundamental Foundation' and another Course for "Expression Foundation". It is guaranteed for any student to gain high levels of efficient 'stamina' with perfect 'sculpturesique' mastery on the basics of Kuchipudi Dance by mastering these 'Three Levels of Fundamental Foundation' and 'Expression Foundation'. Once mastered, one can develop an ease in their body to perform this tough art form. Thereafter, a student is said to be 'eligible' to learn the SOLO REPERTOIRE IN KUCHIPUDI STYLE.

Some institutions may promise to train a fresher in The Kuchipudi Fundamental Course in a lesser period of time. This is advertised and practiced at many places to lure ignorants into speedy completion of the course there by saving their time and money. But one need to realise that there are no such short-cut miraculous methods to be followed in any Classical Dance form

he following is our '3-Level System' that assures our students to get a very good foundation in aspects such as grace, control over the body, etc. which lead to a greater flexibility of the body, poise and gait, that would later help them to perform Solo Items with ease, and make them eligible to undergo the "Course for Expression Foundation" in the later years.

Sivasivani Junior School Road,
Kirlampudi Layout,
Chinna Waltair,
Visakhapatnam – 530 017

Phone Numbers:
Landline: +91 (0891) 2702166
Cell:          (0) 94401 90945




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