Sandhya Raju Kuchipudi Artist Profile

Sandhya Raju
Sandhya Raju Kuchipudi Artist Profile
Sandhya Raju is a young Kuchipudi professional who represents the next generation of Indian classical dancers. With 12 years of training under Gurus Padma Bhushan Vempati Chinna Satyam and Kishore Mosalikanti and 8 years performing experience, Sandhya has been performing several solo and group recitals across India and abroad. Apart from teaching at Nishrinkala, Sandhya also owns and manages Barefoot Dance Company in Hyderabad.
She was born in Chennai in 1987 and completed her formal studies there. She moved to Hyderabad in 2006 after her marriage to Mr. Rama Raju and began teaching dance in June 2007. She is the Artistic Director of Nishrinkala Dance Academy, Hyderabad
    Contact Details and Biodata
    Nishrinkala Dance Academy
    Plot No.983
    Road No.48
    Jubilee Hills
    Hyderabad - 500033 India


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