Keli Magazine

Keli Magazine
     Keli has been the flagship publication of the Akademi since 1963. Research articles, studies and essays on music, dance, theatre and folk arts are its regular features. Originally launched as a tri-monthly, it soon became a monthly. Nowadays, it is brought out as a bi-monthly. The secretary of the Akademi is the editor of Keli. The first editor of the publication was Shri M R Bhattathiripad (MRB), prominent social reformer and acclaimed playwright.Keli has undergone sea-changes since the present administration of the Akademi assumed office in 2006. Plurality of topics, innovative perceptions and new approaches has transformed it into a reference journal presently. Also it provides authentic and updated information about art and culture. Worth mentioning is the centre-spread of each issue that showcases color pictures of distinguished artistes that could be a precious collection for any art lover.
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