Indian Ballet - an Uday Shankar Gharana

HRITAAL – the "Taal" of the "Hriday" or the "Rhythm of the Heart" is another name of the bonding that exists within the heartbeat of a group of young performers under the able guidance of Jaydeep Palit, the director & choreographer & disciple of the legendary dance maestro Uday Shankar, foremost exponent of Indian Ballet. HRITAAL has embraced the unique style of the legendary maestro since the last fifteen years. 

Our aim is to spread this form of dance to every corner of the world, and into the hearts of the common people, thus creating a universal bonding among the common mass. Hritaal encompasses of people who are young by their hearts irrespective of the race, caste creed barriers of the society.
Hritaal Dance Centre consists of core vintage dancers and have performed in various national and international dance shows and festivals.
Our classes are based on building and moulding one's imaginative power and enhances the person's creativity.


1. Basic Exercises
2. Creating movements from numerical, alphabets & geometrical patterns
3. Different moods & body language
4. Improvisation
5. Basic steps of the legendary maestro Uday Shankar

Workshop Fees - 1200/-
Call 9035579529/7676360360 to register



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