Vendeurs d’Enclumes | Rock Concert @ Nishagandhi on 17 Feb

vendeurs d’Enclumes Rock Concert @ Nishagandhi

As part of Bonjour India, Festival of France in India, Alliance Française de Trivandrum in association with the Embassy of France in India will present a rock evening, by Vendeurs d’Enclumes at Nishagandhi on 17 February 2013, 6.30pm.

The French scene is full of surprises especially with Vendeurs d’Enclumes.

The French sextet originated from the centre France (Orleans) has been developing an indigent universe for the last past 8 years. From classical music influences to jazzy vibrations, the band takes on the energy of true rock to deliver energetic (French-spoken) songs and live experiences. Torrents of notes emerging from saxophones, guitars, drums and bass lines flood around Valerian Renault's voice and words. Then poetry confronts and battles : rhymes with silliness, life and accidently... love.We discover French texts written with finesse and raw, with commitment, excess and cheerful. A spontaneous musical progression with subtle alternations, the freshness of the orchestrations, and musical texts rise and respond to a song called maximalist, a musical version, free and inspired.

vendeurs d’Enclumes Rock Concert @ Nishagandhi

12 years old, Vendeurs d’Enclumes has cut their third album "Décadrant."

Winners of "Bravos" (Audience Award and Professional Award) at the Festival Alors.. Chante ! at Montauban in 2010, the group linked together concerts and francophone festivals with explosive repertoire.

Line up 

Valérian RENAULT - Vocal / Guitar
Sébastien RIDEAU - Guitar
Cyrille BOUDESOCQUE - Saxophones
David SEVESTRE - Saxophones
Nicolas LE MOULLEC - Basse
Matthieu HENAULT - Drums/Trumpet


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