Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards (META)

Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards

The eighth edition of the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards (META) to be held in March 2013. META is one of the Indian theatre industry’s premier awards Instituted by the Mahindra Group, a US $6.3 billion Indian multinational. Recognizing and rewarding all aspects of theatre production and stage craft and provides a concrete platform to celebrate and promote theatre’s varied elements like playwriting, set design, costume and light design, direction and performance. META 2013 aims at bringing together the best of Indian theatre from the year gone by. The awards consists of a specially designed trophy and a cheque of Rs.100,000 for the Best Production, Rs.75,000 for Best Original Playwright and Rs.45,000 for all other award categories.

Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards
The nominated plays will be staged at LTG and Kamani Auditorium from March 3, 2013 to March 8, 2013. The awards night will be held on March 9, 2013 at the Taj Mahal Hotel, No 1, Man Singh Road, New Delhi and will be hosted by Mr. Shriprakash Shukla, President, Group Strategy Office and Member of the Group Executive Board, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

The Nominations for META 2013 are…

Best Play:

• After the Silence Directed by Martin John & produced by Sadhana - Center for Creative   Practice (Thrissur)

• Fevicol Directed by Jeetrai Hansda & produced by Maidi's Artist Association of Tribal (Jamshedpur)

• Gasha Directed by Abhishek Mazumdar & produced by Indian Ensemble (Bangalore)

• Kizhavanum Kadalum Directed by Sasidharan Naduvil & produced by Rembrance Theatre Group (Thrissur)

• Matte Eklavya Directed by Satyabrata Rout & produced by Aadima Ranga Tanda (Kolar)

• Mirugavidushagam Directed by S. Murugaboopathy  & produced by Manal Magudi (Kovilpatti)

• The Priestess Directed by Ningthounja Deepa & produced by NT Theatre (Imphal)

• Savitri - Dancing in the forest of death Artistic Direction by Preeti Vasudevan & produced by Thresh
• Shillak Directed by Pradeep Vaiddya & produced by Aasakta Kalamanch (Pune)

• So many socks Directed by Quasar Thakore Padamsee & produced by Q Theatre Productions (Mumbai)
Best Director:

• Martin John C (After the silence)
• Jeetrai Hansda (Fevicol)
• Abhishek Mazumdar (Gasha)
• Sasidharan Naduvil (Kizhavanum Kadalum)
• Satyabrata Rout (Matte Eklavya)
• S. Murugaboopathy (Mirugavidushagam)
• Ningthounja Deepak (The Priestess)
• J Ed Araiza (Savitri Dancing in the Forest of death)
• Pradeep Vaiddya (Shillak)
• Quasar Thakore Padamsee (So many socks)

 Best Stage Design:

• Payal Wadhwa (Gasha)
• Jeetrai Hansda(Fevicol)
• Sam Kutty Pattimkari (Kizhavanum Kadalum)
• S. Murugaboopathy (Mirugavidushagam)
• Vivek Jadhav (So many socks)
• T. Sashikumar, N.G. Jiten Singh and Rakesh Pebam (The Priestess)

 Best Lighting Director:

• ose Koshy (After the silence)
• Jose Koshy (Kizhavanum Kadalum)
• J Ed Araiza and Deepa Dharmadhikari (Savitri – dancing in the forest of death)
• Pradeep Vaidya (Shillak)
• I. Ibochou (The Priestess)

 Best Innovative Sound Design:

• Claudio Clavija (After the silence)
• Somay Mardi (Fevicol)
• Satyajit (KizhavanumKadalum)
• S. Murugaboopathy (Mirugavidushagam)
• John Hadfield (Savitri – dancing in the forest of death)

 Best Costume Design:

• Divya Jain and AbhishekMazumdar (Gasha)
• Deanna Berg (Savitri- dancing in the forest of death)
• Rashmi Rode (Shillak)
• PurvaNaresh (So many socks)
• T. Meme Chanu, K. Priyobarta (The Priestess)

 Best Actor in a Leading Role (Male):

• Sandeep Shikhar (Gasha)
• Adhir Bhatt (Gasha)
• P.T Manoj – Old Man (KizhavanumKadalum )
• Dingri Naresh -Eklavya (Matte Eklavya)
• Ningthouja Jayvidya - Nungshuba (The Priestess)
• K. Prem Kumar Sharma - Rabei (The Priestess)

 Best Actor in a Leading Role (Female):

• Valeria Olguin - Corpse/ Worker (After the silence)
• Arundhoti Kalita (Fevicol)
• PreetiVasudevan - Savitri (Savitri – dancing in the forest of death)
• Rupali Bhave - Aai (Shillak)
Best Supporting Actor (Male):

• Hrithik Srikumar - Boy (KizhavanumKadalum)
• Chidambara Poojari - Ganesha (Matte Eklavya)
• Dr. Vivek Bele - Father (Shillak)
• Ningthouja Ching kheilakpa (The Priestess)
Best Supporting Actor (Female):

• Bharti Sharma (Fevicol)
• D. Antony Jangi (Fevicol)
• Amanjeet Prouch (Fevicol)
• Prakriti Dutta Mukherjee (Fevicol)
• Rucha Apte - Mitra (Shillak)
• Padma Damodaran- Grandmother (So many socks)
Best Original Script:

• Irawati Karnik (Gasha)
• Sagar Deshmukh (Shillak)
• Annie Zaidi (So many socks)
• Budha Chingtham (The Priestess)
Best Ensemble:

• After the Silence
• Matte Eklavya
• Mirugavidushagam
• Shillak
• So many socks
Best Choreographer:

• Martin John C (After the silence)
• Rukmani Tudu (Fevicol)
• S. Murugaboopathy (Mirugavidushagam)
• Guru Sadashiv Pradhan (Matte Eklavya)
• PreetiVasudevan (Savitri - dancing in the forest of death)
• Amey Mehta (So many socks)

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