Magician Muthukad performs an act of redemption after a decade

We seldom celebrate or commemorate the failures we have in life. It was not the same for magician Muthukad who recently enacted an ESCAPE act in remembrance of his initial escape act which was a flop show. It was during the propeller escape event organized by the Trivandrum press club which was held a decade before. Immediately after the debacle, he left to Delhi which could be termed as another turning point. As that trip made him establish his career with the help of contacts he made at the capital city. Thereafter he slowly expanded his expeditions in the form of nationwide magical trips. After a gap of 10 long years he was back to prove a point by successfully executing the escape act. The event coincided with the death anniversary of Harry Houdini, the Father of sensational escape acts.

Was it a human act? All were wonderstruck after watching the magician Gopinath Muthukad’s propeller escape act at the State Central Library Hall held on Oct 31, 2012. The enthralled crowd inside the auditorium, including Agriculture Minister K P Mohanan, Deputy Speaker N Sakthan and other guests witnessed a breathtaking ‘escape’ act. No words could explain the intrigue which the spectators shared while they witnessed the successful escape act by the prestidigitator at work.  The event was organized by Muthukad’s Magic Academy to commemorate the legendary Harry Houdini. It also marked the tenth anniversary of an ‘escape act’ of Muthkad’s which had flopped.

Muthukad invited the Minister and Deputy Speaker on to the stage. Mohanan was told to scribble a three digit number of his choice on the left forearm of the magician. It was ‘234’. Sakthan picked a yellow scarf and tied it on the magician’s right forearm.

Mohanan’s wrist watch was strapped on to the magician’s left arm by himself. The Minister and the Deputy Speaker was vested with the duty of ensuring that a metal box kept at a corner of the auditorium was empty. It was then padlocked with six locks. It was slowly lifted up so that it laid suspended in the air from a metallic frame.

The magician got to the stage and placed himself within a cloth-covered frame attached to a huge whirring ‘propeller.’ This contraption was placed around ten meters from the metal box hanging in the air.

In a flash it became dark as lights went off, and all could see was the magician’s lineation. All were perplexed on where exactly was the magician. The high point of the show followed when the magician’s arms came out through a tiny window on the side of the box which was 10 meters from the contraption. The number 234 & the wrist watch were shown to the audience to prove the point. After that he came out of the metal box once the box was lowered. He came out as a real winner.

Article By | Jeeth Yesudas